The Power of Physiology

You can use your posture, your breathing, your hand gestures, your facial expressions to put yourself in your most empowering mental state. 

Amy Cuddy coined the term Power Pose, as a method to increase your presence and gravitas in a room. She discovered that "a person can, by assuming two simple one-minute poses, embody power and instantly become more powerful.” By standing in this pose, you increase feelings of power and tolerance for risk.  Watch her TED talk to learn more. Start your morning by doing the power pose for 2 minutes every day.

Creating an Incantation

When you repeat a phrase with emotional intensity enough times, you start to believe it. We are going to go through an exercise to develop your own unique incantation, that resonates with you and inspires you to take on 

Find Your Key Quality

List a key quality that you exude when you are an expert negotiator. How do you describe yourself? Here are a few ideas of words some of you have come up with. 

  • Confident
  • Powerful
  • Influential
  • Endearing
  • Commanding
  • Strong
  • Beautiful
  • Presence
  • Gravitas

Write your Power Sentence

Come up with a sentence that that declares how you have shown up and successfully negotiated. You can use your key quality if its helpful as the anchor. Here are a couple of examples from you.

I negotiate with gravitas, and gracefully usher a win-win outcome for myself and X company.
I am paid what I deserve, I earn every dollar with my hard work, and feel motivated and rewarded for my unique ideas and perspective every day. 


Close your eyes and imagine yourself negotiating successfully.

  1. What does it feel like?
  2. Where are you? What are you wearing?
  3. What kind of room are you in?

Imagine the scenario as if you are watching yourself as a fly on the wall. See yourself speaking with the HR manager or whoever you’d be negotiating with. See them receiving your words and priorities, see them smiling in understanding and excitement to hire someone who is going to be just as good of a negotiator for the company once they hire you. 

Now, imagine it again, but turn up the brightness of this image - the colors on your shirt, the details of the room, the smell of the room. Make it real. 

Repeat this exercise in the weeks leading up to your negotiation