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Want to learn a step-by-step process you can use leading up to and during your salary negotiation from someone who has negotiated a salary increase of tens of thousands of dollars? 

After this course, you will have a framework and tools to navigate your own salary negotiation with grace and gravitas. These new skills will not only change your financial trajectory, but it will transform your identity as an employee, because when you realize everything (everything!) is negotiable, your entire world of possibilities change!

Corporate training

Want to spread the knowledge to your colleagues? We host corporate workshops for companies and enterprises. Many people decide to leave their current roles instead of asking for what they need to stay. By empowering employees to ask for what they deserve, you reduce turnover, increase productivity and increase your Net Promoter Score. 

online course

This free course is divided into four lessons

  1. Preparation - learn how to prepare for negotiation. 

  2. What's your number? we’ll figure out how much you should ask for. You'll walk away with a clear path to figuring out how much you should be making, and best practices on how to position this number

  3. Discovery - We'll show you how to figure out how much is on the table. You'll walk away with a toolkit of questions you need to ask before accepting an offer or counter-offer

  4. Biggest mistakes you can make - Find out the most common mistakes people make when negotiating their salary. hint: you're making some of them right now!