mindset wins negotiations

“The ancestor of every action is a thought.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

In order to successfully optimize a negotiation, it is so important to BELIEVE that you are worth what you are asking for,  and that if you can’t get it with this position, you can find it elsewhere. If you do not believe the number you are asking for, you’ve already lost. 

Negotiating is won by your mindset.

I have spent years testing tools and methods to run my brain, and have curated the most helpful tools and frameworks for you to help deal with the nerves and anxiety that arise when negotiating for a job you’re excited about. 

As Tony Robbins says, the key to getting the results that you want is embodying the physiology, beliefs, and mental state that put you in the most empowered state. If you tell yourself that things will work, then you open the door to the language, beliefs, and mental state that will produce the results you want.