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I became interested in negotiating after a friend taught me how to negotiate a 27% increase in my own salary package. Before that, I had accepted job offers without negotiating – or unsuccessfully negotiating. I've combined my process with best practices from experts in the field, and outlined it all in this course to get results. The cornerstone course, Ask For More, provides the framework that you need leading up to and during a negotiation process. 

I am an entrepreneur helping to build Livepeer, a decentralized livestreaming network built on the blockchain. Most recently, I was an investor at Blue Seed, an early stage venture capital firm, where I invest in seed-stage startup companies. Before joining the tech venture world, I invested in social enterprises at Acumen, one of the largest impact investing funds that focuses on energy, education, healthcare companies in India, Africa and Pakistan.


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I do provide one-on-one coaching for a group of clients, and have a couple of spots open. Please reach out in the form if you'd like help with a process. How it works: I am with you from start to finish, there to help draft an email, soothe anxiety, or figure out your next counter offer. Reach out to learn more. 

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