Since the workshop, my base salary has increased by $17,000! My OTE and base is at/above market rate - a number that looked absurd to me when you pointed it out back in November, and a few months later I achieved it!
— Alexandra, Manager at EdTech Startup
The workshop made me realize that I’m not asking for anything absurd, all I’m asking for is to be paid market rate. Always going back to the market rate reassures me that all I’m asking for is what I deserve! Thank you for helping me make this mindshift happen
— Sarah
I love how Raffi uses real life examples, and lays out specific details of a negotiation (days that passed, in-person versus phone call, and specific language used to intro the negotiation discussions). The entire workshop was candid, rooted in Raffi’s real-world experiences, and super tactical.
The most powerful part was becoming aware of all the negative untruths that go through my head during salary negotiations, and learning strategies to get out of my own way.
— Amy, PA
My biggest takeaway is that anytime I thought I had negotiated for a salary, I had barely even scrapped the surface. I have been negotiating against myself whenever I offer a salary range, and never considered presenting market research. It was bitter-sweet to be presented with all my past mistakes/missed opportunities, but empowering to now have this information!
— Jackie, Projects Manager, Parkinson's Foundation

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My previous salary 117k after using your advice my salary was raised to 130k. That is an 11% increase! I will use this increase to increase my 401K and 529 contributions.
— Nicole
I had the conversation today and was able to negotiate a ~17% increase at the end of it all and am overall very happy with the way it turned out. I used a lot of the techniques you have discussed in your newsletter and from your workshop, which I found to be so helpful (:
— Ria